Lead generation

We deliver quality leads based on your target:  crypto, forex, binary options, mostly financial leads generated from mailer, banner, pop-under and co-reg campaigns.

We use sophisticated technology, our knowledge of financial markets and marketing prowess, to turn qualified leads into new profitable clients for your brand.

Strong relationships with hundreds of advertisers and thousands of publishers in Russia, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia, Asia and United States, allowing our tech-savy team to create online marketing campaigns that generate substantial crypto, forex and binary options leads.

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Lead generation via landing page

Premium forex CPM traffic optimized for conversion, high quality but also more expensive leads due high competition in finance industry.

Trading seminar leads

Financial leads generated through email marketing campaigns targeted on database of trading seminar audience.

Trading app leads

Fresh daily leads generated through SMS signals, using trading app’s interface combined with quality finance database portfolio.

Co-reg survey leads

Hot financial leads generated through simple 2 question form using your brand’s logo – fully branded leads with great ROI.

Display advertising

Get more clients with display advertising


Get your brand in the middle of the game with CPM/CPC branding campaigns


Achieve new registrations for your product or service via CPL lead generation campaign


Increase your company’s sales performance with “cost per aquisition” marketing strategy


Navigate your apps to success and more installs via precise CPI advertising

Keys to our success:

Dedicated team of professionals

Wide portfolio of publishers

Custom built optimization tools

24 hour market monitoring

Email marketing

CHECKus Media Group provides you a one-stop shop solution in email marketing

Effective & affordable marketing

Online email marketing solution to engage subscribers, target an audience, send beautiful, responsive emails and track results.

Brand awareness

You have great things to offer, but no one knows you exist. Spread the word and increase brand awareness with email marketing.

Measuring of results

To measure and ultimately improve your content marketing efforts, you need to know which metrics to track and analyze.

  • creative design preparation
  • full campaign segmentation
  • manage and widen your contacts
  • target your contacts in the best way
  • monitor campaigns & track geos
  • intelligent behavioral based emails