Facebook informed on May 2 about the initiation of Instant Games rolling out to all of its users on Facebook Messenger (expected to reach 1.2 bln, not taking active users each month into regard). The social network launched Instant Games project in November, 2016 in 30 countries for iOS version 8 or later and Android version 5 or later, describing it as an HTML5 cross-platform gaming experience for Messenger and News Feed on both mobile and the web. 

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Look. Behind every ad is a story to tell. As an online marketer, you would like to have at least once a week completely rest period from the work, at your home. Imagine regular Sunday, you are ready for streaming your favorite NFL football match. You have prepared well in advanced.

You did buy your preferred 6-packs, ordered a peperoni pizza and plug in HDMI cable to your computer. You want to have the best experience you can get in your cozy apartment. Your new 55″ Curved 4K UHD TV is already installed. Now, you are going to find the stream.

You choose and click. Boom! The annoying ad pops up. You have to wait at least 30 seconds to close it out. You are not satisfied. Pop up ads and banners are really irritating for many internet users. The online trendsetter and best selling author Gary Vaynerchuk hates Samsung because of pop up banners. 

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