Disappointed by Your Leads and ROI? Here are 5 Event Marketing Strategies How to Improve It!

By CHECKusMediaGroup September 17, 2018

According to the latest surveys (Bizzabo, Forrester), we can see that the event marketing gains popularity even more. According to Forrester, 24% of annual budgets of marketing directors are spent on events at minimum. Moreover, Bizzabo provided a valuable ranking of marketing channels, helping to make the situation clear.

If you are a sales guys, this is nothing new to you. Customers tend to prefer eye-to-eye contact, where any live event has a huge advantage when it comes to comparison with an internet, non-personal marketing. Meeting in person leaves often an impression what internet can’t overcome (as it focuses more on masses in a less personal way).

However, the cost of such event plays a huge role. Number of companies needs to calculate such costs precisely as they have limited funds for marketing, distributing it between online marketing and live marketing. Moreover, it’s also very hard to estimate the return of such investment into event marketing.

Therefore, companies often hesitate to spend much money of event marketing or limit it significantly to keep their money on massive online marketing. But let’s come to the points why such event marketing is still useful and there’s a reason why to consider it in your marketing strategy.

1. At First, Do Not Forget about Your Staff

First principle is a general one and is emphasized all the time. If you want high quality, you need skilled and motivated people first. In the event of demotivated team, you have no chance to provide good event marketing in any way.

Therefore, the issue is not only about hiring enough people, but those skilled ones who can secure great event marketing at any time. Here, you should not forget about the necessity of appropriate training, so the sales or leads’ results can be improved. Each event marketing needs well communicating people, so you don’t miss the chance.

2. Bring the swag

After the event, all participants should be able to see clearly visible logos on all promotional materials to keep the experience related to your brand in their mind.

Any great swag will support the traffic around your booth, luring attention to your brand. But what to select? It should be something that is at least little useful. Devices related to smartphones (e.g. chargers) tend to be very popular, t-shirts, food related to the topic etc. Nevertheless, these are only recommendations if you are not sure. If you know your audience properly, your creativity can bring the ideal product.

3. Attending first before taking the decision

If it’s the first time you are making such event marketing, check rather any such event, not to waste your funds. Thus, you’ll realize who the right attendees for you are, what do they want in fact, how do they purchase the products etc. You will receive all key information to get the interest of attendees for your business so they will stay at your event. Here, you’ll have the chance to see what works by observing the trade show attendees or having even chat with the exhibitors.

4. Adeqaute success metrics

Another important point is related to the question of quality. Not everything can be measured only in a quantitative way. There are also aspects that may never be measured by number, like business opportunities, whose importance understands everyone of us. There is also the relation with your customers, new products etc.

Here, you have to set a proper metrics focused on the right explanation of success at the event. Such success rate must consider all the necessary aspects, so besides the number of leads or sales, it should include brand exposure or business opportunities formed.

5. Budget for the unexpected

Each budget must count on the situations which you were not able to predict before. Therefore, you must consider such unexpected events as well and dedict portion of your funds for these purposes. There could be even standard costs like bills for utilities, costs related to designing, different permits etc.

Therefore, for the purpose of improving your ROI, you should spend the money on the most important aspects. In particular, the quality of your staff and the place should play the key role to attract your potential customers.

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