Three Ways How to improve your Facebook ads

By CHECKusMediaGroup February 7, 2017

Have you been working on advertisement through Facebook and wasn’t satisfied with the results so much? Are you looking for possible ways how to target the audience with Facebook? We have prepared some basic hints, which could make your ads on Facebook much more effective.

Hint 1: Take Advantage of Demographic Data 

By using Facebook, you can enjoy multitasking or quick scrolling, while the user absorbs only a minimum percentage of information from large news feed in a single minute. Under such conditions user’s attention lasts only for a second and the next pop up will disturb his attention for sure. 

The way you capture someone’s attention will determine his or her lifecycle as a customer. If your ad strategy on Facebook consists of roping people in with images and slogans irrelevant to your business, you won’t make many sales. 

Here’s the way to set your ads to attract the targeted audience:

Offers Supporting Your Strategic Goals: some offers consist only from discount and the customers are dependent on such discount. After the expiration, such customers will fade away as well and you don’t really make profit on the business like this. Therefore a long-term strategy has to be developed, where your Facebook ads attract the kind of people who are likely to upgrade to your monthly program. People don’t always want to pay the lowest price, but they want to receive something for it. A certain value.

Set Your Copy and Images precisely according to your audience preferences: for a fast attention capturing, some businesses use outrageous images with nonsense for slogans. The idea is that you can work with anyone who clicks the ad. But this doesn’t really work. Much better approach is to create an ad that speaks directly to your target market. For example, this ad from CoPromote uses a funny image to grab people’s attention, but both the ad image and text relate to CoPromote’s service and what its target audience needs.

Hint 2: Collected the Demographic Data

Sometimes you may think that you know your group, like kids, workers, specific nationalities, etc. But for the purpose of improving your ad, narrow your market to a specific group of people so you can be even more effective. If you don’t narrow your market audience, your message will be wide and it won’t probably hit anyone’s attention.

Here are some practical manners how to narrow down your market:

  • Don’t forget to add gender to your product checkout page form. Knowing the gender of your target audience is also very important. It is absolutely normal for businesses to have a predominantly female or male market. If you don’t know the gender of your market, you need to find out.
  • Use a third-party service to get detailed demographic information about your email contacts. For example, you can send TowerData a file of your exported contacts from your CRM, and they’ll analyze that data, based on your preferred data sets, and will send more demographics on your contacts. This is a great way to learn more about your customers and improve your Facebook ad targeting.

You can get the info from TowerData on the basis of the data sets that are most relevant to your business, product, service, or campaigns. In case you have set a relevant ad but without any successful results, check your demographics if you don’t lack anything in your settings. In case you’re still uncertain about it, try to make wider research for the targeted market on your own or for the demographics, you need to target.

Hint 3: Measure Conversion through Facebook Ads’ Clicks Segmentation

In case you are using a CRM to track clicks on Facebook ads, you should be segmenting everyone who comes from your Facebook ads. If your customers answer a survey or download a freebie, you should segment and tag your customers and thus identify whether they eventually buy your product.

Assuming you’re marketing the same products or services to your Facebook leads that you market to the rest of your mailing list, the only way you’ll know if your Facebook ads are working is if you know how many Facebook clicks turned into sales.

If you’re not capturing leads for your Facebook, you should start with it as soon as possible. It could cost you less money and even could be easier to run Facebook ads that link to your Facebook page; however, to gather leads who are interested in your marketing, send people to your website. This way you can offer them something of value in exchange for their email address.

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