Now You can Improve the Quality of Clicks of Sponsored Content on LinkedIn

By CHECKusMediaGroup October 23, 2018

LinkedIn, as one of the most popular tools to achieve your marketing objectives through different campaigns, has certain system of adjustment to Sponsored Content, which you might not be using in full.

Therefore, LinkedIn is about the do certain tests and launch series of adjustments to its Sponsored Content over the next months for the purpose of assisting the users for high-quality clicks generation for their ads while improving their ROI.

We can use the ads with longer intro copy as an example when mobile clicks on the “see more” callout are designed to expand the intro text and everything therecan be seen. In the previous systems, clicks on “see more” were constantly sending visitors to your landing page or opening any prepared form for lead generation. By the application of this change, clicks on “see more” will be now free as well. This new feature should come in November.

Nevertheless, this change should be useful because of a decline in campaign click-through rates as well as in a CPC increase when comparing it to historical averages. This will result in improved ROI from the campaigns you have run. It will be based on the fact that there will be a greater share of your paid clicks achieved generated by people planning to visit your website, engage with your content, or send you their contact info.

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