Forex brokerage solution

Connect with the best providers in the industry

While the level of competition and the challenges have increased in recent years, the overall market is only growing stronger, offering plenty of opportunities for a newly formed forex brokerage. Opening a forex brokerage is not as big a stretch as you may think, although few are aware of what comes with it.

 Platforms/CRM systems:

  • Direct (full) or third party platform solutions
  • White labels for start ups or for existing labels
  • Fully integrated systems / Grey labels for fast set up
  • CRM/Trader / Partnership desk / Affiliate program

Payment/Money institutions:

  • Fully integrated systems with online payment solutions
  • China payment gateway with guaranteed lowest rates
  • Secure & fast integration / High transaction approval rates
  • Low charge-back ratios / Quick application reviews

Marketing/Performance campaigns:

  • Situational analysis with marketing strategy
  • Monthly campaign content and budget planning
  • Banners / Landings / Visuals / Events / Expos / Seminars
  • CPM / CPC / CPL / CPI / CPA campaigns


  • Investment firm licenses / License activations
  • Offshore/European set-up of corporate structures
  • Internal / External audit / Choose your jurisdiction
  • Client complaint handling / Outsourced compliance