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By CHECKusMediaGroup October 21, 2015

Facebook experienced a strong quarter with his Facebook Ads features like Instagram as a new ad-placement or the Lead Ads for mobile users. And we will provide you a detailed insight into the second release, so let’s take a look on:

Lead Ads

Lead Ads are here to simplify the process of filling out forms through their mobile devices within the News feed and this is an advantage for the companies, which are interested in the Facebook leads as well.

This feature, making the entire process easier, allows separation of leads through their native signup and having all-in-one app creates wider opportunity to collect more data, as visitors are not that reluctant with faster signing to provide details. Moreover, people in this feature can edit contact information any time they want so under the Facebook privacy policy, there is still fresh information.

What to do?

If you have ever had experiences with redirecting visitors/users to a landing page, which you preferred, you know that this can provide you with higher conversion rates. The reason is that such visitors/users still remain on the preferred stream.

How to do it? Such campaign could be set in the Power Editor. You need to log into Business Manager, click on ad account you would like to select and launch Power Editor. There click on the “Objective “ button and pick “Lead Generation”. There you go!

Set your campaign

If you are in, let’s set everything for a Facebook leads campaign. You should put there the page, your targeted audience and naturally your budget, you can spend on this campaign. For better campaign calibration, you should scroll down to pick Optimization & Pricing and set whatever you need there (e.g. the most leads at the best price, or set amount you want to pay for a lea).

As for the Delivery, you should think about the campaign, if you want it to run (and deliver leads to you) during the day or you want only a short-term campaign during a specific time. Besides basic creative settings (headline, text in the body, image of 1200×628 pixels, etc.), you are able to set the form for your leads. There you can pick various information for the form, they should be included in (first & last name, email, address details, date of birth, gender, company, etc.).

Everything naturally depends on the campaign you want to run and you consider it as appropriate for it. Our hint: do not use the many specifications, cause your conversion rate can decrease markedly due to “asking too much”.

After this process, you will only connect it with your privacy policy and preview the form before saving. Then as the last step, you should put a conversion code there to monitor process of lead-creation.

Facebook has created an integration of your Leads Ads and partners’ features, like Marketo, Sailthru, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, Driftrock, Maropost. In this way you can easily approach your targeted audience, while the customer does not have to leave the app, what increases the possibility of reaching these leads.

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