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By CHECKusMediaGroup December 2, 2016

New programmatic Spotify audio ads, released only now, have the power to provide another fine opportunity for exploiting mobile advertising. You brand message will reach the ears for the customer, so you will keep a contact with your client over his way.

Now, the Adform’s clients can purchase 15–30 second audio ads programmatically on Spotify, targeting Spotify’s free listeners in real time via Adform’s DSP. Spotify’s free listeners will get and unlimited access to songs, but here is the field for your opportunities – they will hear, from time to time, an audio ad for about 30 seconds max, as part of the free deal

First of all, you have to distinguish some aspects. The opportunity is related to the characteristics of music: A brand that can connect the overall feeling that music creates to its message is the one, which will be successful in reaching the heart of the client, not only the ear. But as always – it shall be simple and get one specific short message. No long descriptions, not too much talking.

It is a hard task and it needs a creative person. These short messages do not come just like that. But try to find the proper manner, how your business may be represented and if related to some specific music, it’s the right choice.

As for the voice, pay attention to it as well. The volume, the tone (most of the time, friendly tone is expected). Adform also provides the option to include a call-to-action button in the companion ad, what will direct the consumers to the brand advertiser’s website when clicked on.

About Spotify

Spotify is available in 60 markets around the world and reaches over 70 million free listeners across over 2 billion playlists since mobile phones have become the default device for enjoying music. The streaming service uses first-party data to offer brand advertisers a wide range of audience segments to deliver the right message based on the consumers’ age, gender, postcode, region, country, time of day, music genre and personalized playlists.

The combination of Spotify’s deterministic data, Rubicon Project’s marketplace and Adform’s targeting capabilities allows advertisers to target the relevant listeners with a personal brand experience. All of this can be done in real time with a precise ad frequency for maximum potency.

Spotify’s audio ads play between songs, reaching a highly engaged target audience. This allows advertisers to get the consumers’ full attention while transmitting their message to them.In other words, a brand’s unskippable ads will reach the right people.

With the release of programmatic audio ads in our DSP, Adform provides an avenue for brand advertisers and agencies to buy programmatic audio at scale, instead of direct buys, which means advertisers can access Spotify’s digital audio inventory programmatically and trade on an impression-by-impression basis.

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