What we could see at Forex Expo Bratislava

By CHECKusMediaGroup June 2, 2015

Bratislava, capital city of Slovak republic, experienced its first international FX Expo, which took place in Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel, in the historic centre of the city. Attractiveness was increased by the fact that Bratislava lies in the centre between cities like Vienna, Prague, Budapest, what enables to widen commercial partnerships in these regions.

Traders, who attended the two days Expo could speak with representatives of attending brands and in this way they received more information directly, not only through sales teams on the phone or internet.

After the opening cut at 11:00am, on Wednesday, May 20, performed by Mr. Ladislav Kazan, co-organizer from CHECKus Media Group, and subsequent opening speeches from participants, the Forex Expo officially started.

Traders, investors or other guests could be seen, speaking to participating companies. Let’s take a look on participants: 

Near the entry, traders could meet Axiory Europe – a successful brokerage house with a strong position on central European market. Axiory’s team showed an impressive ability to attract new customers, their sales team was one of the best prepared for the event.

Next place saw red-tuned TopForex team, always smiling and keeping good mood with their new clients, coming to them.


Going further, traders visited FIBO Group representatives, always prepared to provide any professional and sophisticated information that they were asked for and explaining their services.

In the centre, swiss-accurately prepared booth of Swissquote broadened positive sentiment and traders could obtain even couple of presents after speaking to sympathetic girls from the Switzerland’s brokerage house and bank.

Swiss top-class had also another competitor – popular bank and broker Dukascopy, prepared to show you the quality, whenever asked.

Another popular Central European broker could be visited as well  X-Trade Brokers, with professionals, confirming their strong position on this market.

But what if you are not sure about your trading abilities? Credit Trading team was there to help investors and show them the right way.

Or you want to learn it on your own? Ask Pevoni – Trading Academy, a professional lector and adviser in trading.

And as a co-organizer, CHECKus Media Group was there to present visitors its abilities, knowledge and well-tuned team, new products RTB software, adfraud software, heatmap software and goforex.eu website.

Moreover, girls were there to help visitors, whenever needed.

But exhibitors did not come to show you only their services. As top professionals in their sector, their workshops & seminaries attracted higher attention.

Swissquote Bank’s Chief FX analyst Peter Rosenstreich spoke about the actual topic on FX markets: “FX Outlook in 2015: Currency Wars”. A very actual topic explained to traders all the issues around monetary policies led by major central banks and their impact on currencies, favoured with lower exchange rates.

Moreover, he speech during the second day of the expo on topic “The art of investing with Swissquote’s SQORE”.

Closer insight into the Australian economy and consequences for the FX traders, has been provided by Andrew Masters, financial analyst at FIBO Group. His topic: “The fundamental outlook for the Australian economy”.

Axiory’s CEO David Kasper took an innovative way, speaking about “Want to start your own Hedge Fund? Let’s look at it from different perspective” and David Varga from purple team as well.

X-Trade Brokers showed its market-knowledge through their analyst, Kamil Boros, who explained a “Fundamental analysis of a currency pair” to provide more insight into trading for new investors or traders.

Even more from trading could be learned from Dukascopy’s COO, Marc Spaelti, a professional FX trader, advisor and risk manager. His topic “A look at Big Events” lured wide attention.

To understand the FX trading fully, another FX celebrity added his insight to the topic – Vasilis Tsaprounis, chief economist at Zulutrade. His topic “FX Market is investment or gambling?” & “Best trading ideas until and of 2015”.

Vladimir Vano, head of CEE Research Competence Center at Sberbank Europe, provide even more about the market from his rich experiences with the topic: “Flying Under the Radar: FX Trading Opportunities Offered by CEE” & “Fundamental and Technical View”

Gifted by strong rhetorical ability, Anton Bittner, Ceo of ABAS FX and President of VIP Forex Club, spoke about topics: “Holy Grail of trading?” & “Behavioral psychology and trader’s mind”.

Financial marketing expert, Ladislav Kazan, co-organizer and CEO of CHECKus Media Group, held attention during both days in workshops as well. He spoke about: “Which country converts in case of financial campaigns? Study for forex brokers” & “Financial institutions must consider RTB in their marketing strategy”.

From INESS professionals, Martin Vlachynsky explained even more about the current market, with his specialization in Eurozone and the euro currency.

Project Manager at Klub investorov, Matej Zabadal, brought a fresh air into the topic variability with “More than just students”.

The mood has been positive during both days and the entire event has been closed with an afterparty in Olympic Casino, where most of the representatives and visitors could speak together less formally and enjoy the mus ic of King Shaolin.

Generally, the Forex Expo team lead by Finexpo.ru in Bratislava ended as a success, as brokers (or financial services providers) and their clients found a way to set new partnerships and we believe that such progress will continue on other expos. Most of them said they will come next year also!

We hope that you enjoyed the expo as well and will be looking forward to your visit next time!

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