Tips How to Avoid Often Occurring PPC Mistakes

By CHECKusMediaGroup September 23, 2016

Let’s admit it. We all make mistakes and even if you are professional in advertising, you can do some of them. It’s natural. We’re only humans. Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes most people do in connection to PPC campaigns.

1. Wrong audience targeting

Audience exclusions is a common problem that many users of ad platforms face. “Target and bid” is mostly for targeting people exclusively on your remarketing lists. This is often used, when your product is special, unique and expensive, so you narrow the audience to the more potential one.

On the other hand “Bid only” is ok, if you only want to adjust bids after monitoring the performance. But many people leave it on “Bid only” without thinking about it. Such action could cause traffic and revenue drop. So double check it if it is set according to your needs.

Second hint in this case is to focus your list on specific audience. Many advertisers have loads of lists, focused on different categories. Do not underestimate this step and choose the right one. And also – size matters. In this case the size of your remarketing list.

2. Incorrect setting up of automated rules

We don’t have time to sit at our computer all the time and be prepared to set the campaigns manually. So take the advantage of automated systems and prepare the campaigns for the future. Just check that you have set the time of any specific day, when the campaign should be launched, correctly and then you can only watch the results.

3. Accelerated ad delivery

Which one to use – standard or accelerated delivery? Depends on the manner how you manage the campaigns. If you set daily budget and let Google to distribute the budget over the day, pick the standard delivery. Here, Google is the decision-maker and it will distribute the budget according to its algorithm.

But if you want to allow your ads to be active as often as possible, the accelerated delivery is the right choice for you. Here your budget can disappear even during first hours. Therefore in this case you have to watch the budget more precisely or decrease the bids, if needed.

4. Overspending your budget

This makes everyone mad pretty quickly. If you work on different campaigns and there is no chance to manually watch every budget, choose the automation. Keep automated tracking of budget so you gain control of it.

With the help of a script to export month-to-date spend into a Google doc, together with some simple Excel formulas, anyone can have a budget-tracker document for each client.

5. Broad match

Using broad match helps you to waste your budget for an irrelevant traffic. If you use such a general term, it leads to regulated cross-matching between ad groups. Many advertisers use on too general word, which could even bring unexpected ideas, related to it. So try to be as specific as possible.

If you still feel unsure, ask our professionals in CHECKus Media Group. We will be glad to help you.


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